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Hospital Distribution

January 27th, 2010

FFL Global is still working on establishing connections with other agencies as well as an operation baseĀ  in Santo Domingo. Vegan meals are currently being distributed in the local hospital. There are so many Haitian refugees in Santo Domingo that the local hospitals and humanitarian aid agencies are unable to take care of the overload, so FFLG volunteers have stepped in to help. More reports coming soon…

January 21, 2010

The first wave of International Food for Life Global volunteers is set to arrive in Santo Domingo today to join the local FFL staff in finalizing setup for our vegan food relief base camp. More volunteers from the UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Canada are set to arrive soon after. The first order of business is to establish working relationships with other relief agencies and the military to create the most secure, efficient service possible.

Food for Life Global is currently setting up a base of operations in nearby Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. This is the point from which we will store food supplies and support our vegan food relief program in Haiti once we begin.

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