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FFL Haiti Relief: new report: Port-Au-Prince

February 11th, 2010

Feb 11, 2010
Food for Life Global is making great progress in Haiti, thanks to the overwhelming support of the community. Thus far we have invested nearly $50,000 towards the effort, but much more is needed. Many of the larger relief agencies have collected hundreds of millions of dollars, so we are appealing to our core supporters to do whatever they can to help FFLG raise more funds. As most are aware, FFLG can feed a lot of people with very little money. We estimate that even in a crisis situation like the Haiti earthquake, FFLG can serve at least 3 hot meals per $1. That means a donation of just $100 can feed around 300 hungry people. In an effort to expand our distribution capacity, we are spending $20,000 on new cooking equipment.

Project Manager, Bruce Webster, said, “We have calculated that we can cook for approx 4-8 thousand people per day with the new cookers. The cost of each cooker (one for rice, and the other for beans) are approx 6 thousand dollars. The cost will be recouped back with the speed at which they cook and the savings in gas etc.” The automation will also allow FFLG to cook with fewer staff but still keep out overall numbers very high.

We have recently established a partnership with the Indian Military to provide a secure camp site for our food distribution in Port-Au-Prince. FFLG will be the only agency providing freshly cooked meals to Haitians and they will be totally vegan!

Distribution continues in Santo Domingo Hospitals as before.

Calling all Volunteers
At this time, we are not only appealing for more financial support, but also for volunteers to join us in Haiti. If you have experience in large scale food production or are just strong, enthusiastic and determined, we welcome your application NOW. Go to Volunteer Application.

Please help FFLG at this time of great need.

Paul Turner
Food for Life Global

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