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Food for Life Global gets top mention in WIRED

February 18th, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — It had been a long morning in Haiti’s shattered capital, and we needed a break. Our small crew — Raymond, my driver, Jean, the Creole translator, and I — stopped at a dingy hotel near the airport to buy a late lunch.

While Raymond and Jean tucked into a plate of griot and fried bananas, I struck up a conversation with some American aid workers at the next table. They were from Food for Life Global, a relief group that had recently arrived from the Dominican Republic to do food distribution.

Food for Life Global distributes vegan and vegetarian meals, and their small team enthusiastically described their plans to serve hot meals to hungry Haitians. It was a sensible-sounding arrangement: For starters, many Haitians lost all of their cooking equipment in the quake. Equally important, donated sacks of rice or flour can end up on the black market. More importantly, they were doing it on the cheap. Krishna Mulder, a Food for Life Global volunteer in a psychedelic green t-shirt and baggy Ocean Pacific shorts, told me he didn’t care if he had to stay in one of Haiti’s improvised tent camps, as long as he was able to deliver food.

“If someone happens to hack me up while I’m sleeping in a camp, and my intention was to give out free food, it’s a life well lived,” he said with dead earnestness.

I had to admire his conviction. Bruce Webster, Food for Life’s project manager, then turned to Jean to explain his their mission a bit further. “Did you know it takes 12 times more energy to produce a pound of meat protein than it does to produce vegetable protein?” he asked Jean, who listened politely while he ate his pork. “It’s very inefficient.”

Read full article: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/02/vegans-thetans-and-baptists-oh-my-rebuilding-haiti-in-our-image/

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