November 2nd, 2013

Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 2011, Food for Life Global was asked to be a partner in a new initiative

The Slovenian government had acquired a donation of 24 prefabricated containers from the Slovenian construction company TRIMO as part of Slovenia’s commitment to assist children affected by the quake. They asked IRD to assist in importing those containers, identifying a location, and building a space that would serve the children of Haiti? IRD then approached FFLG to feed the children healthy lunches. .by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with IRD (International Relief and Development) to feed children at one of the schools.

In collaboration with the local government, IRD selected a site in a new village in Carrefour, now called Village Fraternite and a year later the school was established.

Due to hunger, many children stop attending school or in they follow class porly . Sport education is also an important part of the physical education curriculum, but schools lack the equipment to implement it. The project aims at the existing Slovenian school to build and establish a community kitchen and also allow pupils access to quality and warm meals. Project ends on October 2013, but for us it is acctualy starting to cook everyday meal for 150-300 children.

Our main challenges are to extablish working kitchen and ensure longterm funds to cover costs of feeding.
Our estimated monthly costs just for cooking are $1.700 and they involve food items, gas, electricity and house costs for volunteers .

Our longterm desired goal is to help feed people living in a slum of styrofoam houses.
There is estimated number of 3.000 inhabitants.

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