School operation

November 2nd, 2013

Every school day, Vishnu das, a volunteer from Santo Domingo rises early to prepare the lunch. He is assisted by local women who cut the vegetables. At 12 midday as school finishes the children line up, one class room at a time to receive hot lunch. “The school is located in a slum area and often the power goes out or the water stops running,” explains, Vishnu with a smile. “But we are determined to feed these children. It gives us great pleasure to see their smiling faces, because I know they have nothing. They come from very poor families where even a new pair of shoes is something you may get once in a lifetime!”


The costs of school feeding
70 children are attending school st this points and we expect this number to grow to 300.

Main costs of whole operation are
– accomodation of volunteers
– volunteers pocket money
– groceires for cooking
– gas tanks
– local coordinator’s costs

At this point (20.10.2013), Paul Turner (Priyavrata das) – Food For Life Globar director is accesing the needs on the ground to confirm overall costs and the durability of program.
Estimated overall monthly costs of feeding 300 children are $ 1.700.
We hope that the costs will go down, especialy regarding food as we are utting effort into food donation agreements.

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At this point we spent $ 4.000 that was donated by two donors, Mr, Mario C. from Blue Amber Factory  & The Lotust Trust Fund, that was already a major donor for our Haiti activities in 2010.

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